Ken & Barbie Race

Saturday August 29th, 2020
1100hrs – In and around English Bay

Registration and the Notice of Race
will be published in 2020!


Boat Class Sail No. Rating Skipper Club


What is the VRC Ken and Barbie race?

It’s a double-handed race where one person must be or look like a man, and the other must be or at least resemble a lady. Guaranteed we won’t be performing any thorough gender checks…

But I’ve never done a double-handed race before!

If you’ve never double-handed, here is a great opportunity to try it out! Come by the informal skipper’s meeting and get some pointers from others that have double-handed before.

Ken & Barbie after-party 2012

Ken & Barbie after-party 2012

What if I don’t have a Barbie (or Ken)?

If none of your buddies are willing to dress in drag, let me know and I’ll do my best to find a Barbie for you.

Is there a dress code?

No, but there will be prizes for best and worst dressed Ken & Barbie, so swing by the Race Committee before the race to show off your costumes.

But I have a cruising boat and don’t race!

Come play anyway! If you don’t have a PHRF certificate, I can help you out with the application or assign you a club rating for the event! This is a great first event!