Rookie Racing Seminar

Rookie Racing Seminar

On Tuesday, October 22nd at 1830 hrs, VRC is going to once again host a “Rookie Racing Seminar/Meet and Greet”. This is geared towards both encouraging new people who are interested in sailing to come out on the water and helping boats find crew for winter racing. As always everyone is welcome. The bar will be open for drinks and food.

For the people interested in crewing:

We are going to go through the basics of what to expect on the water including what to bring/wear, what each crew position does, how to avoid offending your skipper.

For skippers new to racing:

We will go through the basics of racing, including the start sequence, right of way rules, mark roundings, etc…

Boats from all series and clubs welcome!

If you have a boat, are looking for crew and will be at the seminar send me an email with what crew positions you’re looking for, what races/series you’re planning on participating in, where you’d like for the crew to meet you and your preferred libation. We will include it in our seminar.

Mentors Available:

We have a number of experienced sailors who have offered to volunteer their time to help get new crew and boats out and comfortable on the water. If this is something that would interest you please let us know!


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