Single-Handed Anything Goes

Single-Handed Anything Goes

SHAG 2020 – September 26th – Results!


Crew not needed! Wait… who will I yell at?

On September 26th, 2020 the Vancouver Rowing Club will once again be hosting the “Anything Goes” Single-handed race. This is a great opportunity to get out and challenge yourself by racing single handed around English Bay!

Guest Moorage

As always guest Moorage is available if you would like to deliver your boat on Friday.

New to single handed racing?

No Problem! There is no shortage of experienced single-handed skippers willing to offer advice in exchange for beer! PM Me for contact info!

The sea was angry that day my friend…

After the race all participants and friends of participants are welcome back to the club for libations and of over-exaggerated tales of survival on the high-seas of English bay.


Beyond 1-3 place there may be prizes for:

  1. Top rookie
  2. Top female
  3. Best tale of survival – as voted on by posts on Facebook following the race.
  4. Turtle Trophy – Last person to finish (elapsed time).


  Boat Class Sail No. Rating Skipper Club
  Nirvana Beneteau First 40.7 47071 54 Dmitriy Minenko VRC
  Wraith GP 26 18 82 Ian Lloyd WVYC
  Balderdash Dash 34 49303 101 Kevin Van Hullebush TCYC
  About Time J/92 69877 114 John Polglase RVYC
  Krikkit Abbott 36 KC 3 123 Simon Hill TCYC
  Tangleberry (NFS) Hanse 371 74384 137 Grahame Shannon VRC
  Poison Frog Andrews 26 97015 146 Geoff Macklin CYC

Notices to Competitors:

1 9/24/2020, 1320 hours There are no division splits for the SHAG race this year. The class flag for the start of all boats will be the number 1 pennant.