June 16, 2020

We have cancelled the 2020 Summer Regatta.

We waited as long as we could before pulling the plug, but it is evident that conditions will not allow us to host a fair, safe fully-crewed VARC series event this year.

We are working to see if the planets align to allow us to host a smaller event (limited to 50 persons), that will take place on Summer Regatta Weekend (July 11 & 12).

Please stay tuned. We will likely open registration for this event to VRC boats exclusively for some number of days and then open registration to non-club boats until the limit is reached in the coming weeks.

That said, I am optimistic that our Ken & Barbie double-handed and SHAG single-handed events later this summer will be organized without restrictions, as conditions continue to improve.

Thank you all for waiting along with us and have a safe and healthy season.

Jennifer Ross
VRC Racing Officer