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Amendment #1 2018-19 Polar Bear and 2018 Remembrance Day Race


November 9, 2018 at 1500 Amendment #1 has been made to both Polar Bear and Remembrance Day NOR and SIs. This change is made to enable One Design Classes (Dragons, Flying Fifteen) to participate in the Polar Bear Series and Remembrance Day Race under their One Design equipment rules. Jennifer Ross Racing Officer Read More »

Ken & Barbie 2018 – Results!


It was a cold, wet and fun Ken and Barbie race yesterday in English Bay! Thank you to Henk for allowing us to use Blue Peter as RC boat. Thank you to Henk, Nancy, Wilter and Brad for volunteering as our Race Committee! Thank you to the five boats that came out to compete: Wraith, Krikkit, Cayoosh, XS and Tangleberry! Congratulations to Wraith’s Ken & Barbie for her win. Results are poste... Read More »