2022 – 2023 Polar Bear Hearings and Decisions

Protest & Redress Forms:

Hearing requests will only be made online, via the Racing Rules of Sailing website:

Hearings on Zoom:

Hearings during the 2022–2023 Series may be held on Zoom, a video conferencing solution available for PC, Mac, most mobile phones and tablets. Please notify the race committee before the hearing at raceofficer@vrcracing.ca if you are unable to use or operate Zoom.

  1. Participants will be provided with a Zoom call URL link and a date and time to call in via email. This time will be 15 minutes prior to the start of the hearing to ensure there are no technical issues.
  2. Parties and their witnesses will be assigned to Breakout Rooms until the start of the hearing.
  3. Only the parties will be pulled into the main Hearing Room to begin the hearing.
  4. Witnesses will independently be pulled into the Hearing Room when called for testimony, and then returned to their Breakout Room until the conclusion of the hearing, in case further testimony or clarification is required.
  5. During deliberation, all parties will be assigned to their Breakout Rooms until a hearing decision of the Protest Committee is ready to be presented to the parties.
  6. Parties will be brought back to the Hearing Room for a reading of the decision.
  7. Once the decision has been read, all witnesses will be brought into the main Hearing Room and everyone will be thanked and dismissed.
  8. In-person Hearings at Vancouver Rowing Club:

    Hearings may also be held in person at VRC, at the discretion of the Chief Judge.

    Unless otherwise directed, parties and witnesses attending an in-person hearing should report to the office located atop Vancouver Rowing Club prior to the hearing time to be directed to the Hearing Room. Please note public parking is available in the large lot opposite the club, across Stanley Park Drive. The lot nearest the club is for permit holders only.


    Hearing Schedule


    Hearing Decisions


    2022–2023 Polar Bear Series Protest Committee:

    Jennifer Ross, CJ/NRO – Chief Judge (VRC)
    Tom Sitar, NJ (RVYC)
    Dave Cramb, RJ (RVYC)
    Gord McKee, CJ (KYC)
    Ian Lloyd, CJ (WVYC)
    Paul Martin, CJ (VRC/RVYC)
    Bill Lutz, JIT (BIYC)

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