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Welcome Aboard Navis!

Polar Bear Series

The VRC Race Committee is excited to announce Navis Marine Insurance Brokers as the newest sponsor for the VRC Polar Bear Series! Navis is a Specialty Insurance Brokerage dedicated to providing  protection and insurance coverage for the unique needs of marine related clientele.  With over 20 years of experience, Navis takes pride in offering their clients a unique Yacht Insurance policy that helps... Read More »

Close Quarters

POLAR BEAR RACE #1 – 2013-10-20

Polar Bear Series / Racing

Fog had socked in English Bay for a week and getting a race off this Sunday was not looking good. At least I think it was fog. I did have a drink or two during the week, so it could have been anything! But when Racing Officer Steve Barbour came aboard with Ben Rummen’s new wife, the “unsinkable Mida” in tow, plus two others, I was up, scrubbed and ready to get out there, no matter what. The Perihe... Read More »

In Good Hands…

In Good Hands…

Polar Bear Series

VRC is stoked to have the ongoing support of Jason and Jaye of Evolution Sails. A perennial sponsor of all things VRC (yachting, anyways); they are back this season to keep us primed with authentic, cool prizes and to add to the foundation of the new Mentorship Program we are running. Hear their talks on sail care and trimming, have them out on your boat this winter for some mentoring, and know th... Read More »

“OCD” Flies a coloured sail to keep in touch.


Racing / SHAG / Single Handed Racing

(Single Handed, Anything Goes) The forecast was for 100 kms/hr gales and there were heavy rainfall warnings for EVERYWHERE! But a few brave (or stupid) souls made their way out to the start line at the QC buoy for the SHAG (Single Handed Anything Goes race) – which nearly didn’t happen. The committee boat was the good ship Perihelion, and I had been having some trouble with fuel delivery, but I ha... Read More »

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