Race Management Meeting

Race Management Meeting

Have you ever wondered what is going on that boat will all the flags during a race? This is the seminar for you. A Race Committee is a vital part of a yacht race. With out them, everyone would just end up going in circles and yelling “Port!”

The seminar will give you a grounding on the role and duties of the race committee. We’ll cover

  • The different roles on a race committee and their duties
  • The start sequence and what all the flags mean
  • Race courses and how to pick one
  • Basic sailing rules
  • The protest process and the race committees role
  • And even more!!

If you have ever wanted to help on a race committee or just wanted to have a better understanding of how they work, please come out!

Calling all curious committee vessel volunteers! Learn how to host your VRC Race Committee on your boat for a race or more!

The seminar is on October 23rd at 19:00 at the VRC Clubhouse. Room TBD!