Polar Bear Divisions Update

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VRC Polar Bear Series
Amendment #1
November 7th, 2014 @ 1500h

The following points have been modified or added to the Sailing Instructions:

Section 8 Divisions

8.1. Yachts are assigned to divisions based upon their PHRF rating and the division splits are as follows:

Division 1 – less than or equal to 99
Division 2 – 100 to 149
Division 3 – 150 to 194
Division 4 – greater than or equal to 195

8.2. A skipper may apply to be moved up or down by one division at the discretion of the Race Officer.

Download the notice here: http://vrcracing.ca/documents/VRCPolarBear2015Amendment.pdf

Shane Alfreds
VRC Fleet Captain

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