Dynamic Duo Race
(fka Ken & Barbie)

Saturday August 27, 2022
1100hrs – In and around English Bay

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Boat Class Sail No. Rating Dynamic Duo Club
Idiopathic Farr 30 CAN 4 54 Janine & Darren RVYC
Legacy J/109 288 66 Captain Morgan RVYC
Wraith GP 26 18 82 Ian Lloyd WVYC
Moon Shadow J/105 278 93 Julie Robinson JSCA
Bee VX One 128 105 Trevor Tunnacliffe WVYC
ALLONS-Y Beneteau 36.7 74359 111 Carl Richardson TCYC
Salacious T240 62 117 Jason Davies WVYC
Rhumbline J/29 69117 117 David George TCYC
Krikkit Abbott 36 KC 3 123 Jenifer/Simon Hill TCYC
Xcentric Hotfoot 31 69196 126 John Lee/Dustin Dubois VRC
The Eh Team Olson 911SE 9110 147 Erik Sjogren VRC
Love It or List It J/24 2398 168 Dennis Tanner VRC
Emotional Rescue Catalina 36 MKII 2286 171 Andrea Gretchev VRC
Catch 22 J/22 1 174 Sophia Moiseyenko WVYC
Silik C&C 30-1 16617 186 Wade Harrogate VRC
Lark C&C 27 49427 198 Paul Arcoite VRC
C’est Vrai Maxifenix 8.5 726 201 Ian Darling VRC
Soleil Marine Beneteau 285 285 222 Malek Tawashy CYC
Tempus Fugit C&C 29-2 CAN 1064 225 Erik Loptson RVYC
Nemesis San Juan 24 589 231 Tim Coughlin TCYC
Aura Tanzer 26 462 240 Ignacio Vulliez SCYC

* club rating


Notice Board:

# Notice Date

What is the VRC Dynamic Duo race?

It’s a double-handed race! It was formerly known as the “Ken and Barbie Race”

But I’ve never done a double-handed race before!

If you’ve never double-handed, here is a great opportunity to try it out! Come by the informal skipper’s meeting and get some pointers from others that have double-handed before.

Ken & Barbie after-party 2012

Ken & Barbie after-party 2012

What if I’m not quite a duo?

let me know and I’ll do my best to find crew for you.

Is there a dress code?

No, but there will be prizes for best and worst dressed, so swing by the Race Committee before the race to show off your costumes.

But I have a cruising boat and don’t race!

Come play anyway! If you don’t have a PHRF certificate, I can help you out with the application or assign you a club rating for the event! This is a great first event!